iMessage sticker app boilerplate with button to copy as WhatsApp sticker
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WhatsApp recently introduced stickers into their app, but sticker packs have to come in the form of apps. Creating a pack based on their iOS sample app will be rejected on the App Store.

This developer has averted the ban by making the pack to be iMessage first, but with an additional button to copy the stickers as a WhatsApp sticker pack:

I need to create a pack of 30 stickers, and I would like a boilerplate Xcode project to do exactly this.

Looking for Android version also?
Chlegou 1 month ago
Thanks for the offer but I have the Android version ready, I just need help with the iOS version.
clkwan 1 month ago
Ok good luck
Chlegou 1 month ago
Can I get the sticker pack so I can get a rough sense of the UI to be made (or am I missing something)? (To comply with Apple App Store's guidelines when creating an iOS sticker app, make sure to develop a unique user interface (UI) with your own styling and don't use our sample apps' UI)
wlwl2 1 month ago
Also note that I might not be able to complete this job on time, so sorry in advance if I forget and ignore your messages (hopefully that won't happen).
wlwl2 1 month ago
Hi wlwl2, a working mechanism to copy the iMessage stickers to WhatsApp is top priority, anything else is not a concern. The UI can be as barebones as possible. As long as it compiles and works, it is considered to be a complete solution. For the stickers, use placeholder images such as
clkwan 1 month ago
Thanks for the quick update. I'll give it a try.
wlwl2 1 month ago
27 days ago

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1 Solution

Even if you can get it done, it might get banned later. Save yourself some time, and increase your chances of getting a clean/cleaner record. I just made a sticker app for one of my own apps, it would be nice to publish it, but I'm not going to. I don't think an iMessage sticker app will make any difference (even though Apple tells you how to publish a sticker pack for iMessage).