IIS reverse proxy regex string / settings
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Given an IIS website with the following paths

  1. < siteURL>/apple/...
  2. < siteURL>/bob/...
  3. < siteURL>/candy/...

how can i set up a regex so that only any hits on /bob/ can be reverse proxied onto another site?

so far i can make the reverse-proxy work with the rule of (.*) , however in addition to intended /bob/ hits, it is also successfully proxying every path (/, /apple, /candy... etc) onto the other site as well

using < match url="^bob/(.*)" /> seems to work for my needs, and i cannot seem to find a way to cancel this bounty so i will leave it, although it can be considered answered!
weaverk 2 years ago

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1 Solution

Does \/bob\/.+ do what you want?

EDIT: Looks like you've solved it yourself, nevermind then.