I want to use menu button on mobile/narrow display.
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I want to use menu button on mobile/narrow display.

Original theme: http://chameleon-theme.myshopify.com/

I arranged this them to :http://lorinaliddell.com

I have changed it not to fold menu/not to use menu button.

This is the menu button:

Menu of my website is like this:

There were menu bottun at the first.

But I hided it for some reosen.

Now I want to fix it.

I forgot how I changed it.

Could you fix it?

And could you add the word “menu” on menu icon?

FYI: I am using shopify.

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Hello Satou,

Can you PM me in skype.
My skype ID: bhuvan530531
alternatively you can also send the mail to info@zebrawebdesigns.com
I will need the original theme too.

Hi satou,

Can you check now.

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