Huge Analytics Change, Need Help Figuring Out Why
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My client went from 21,285 to 68,959 hits in one month. Organic traffic went from 5377 to 44176.
As you know, GA gives you either "not set" or "not provided".
I am trying to figure out information on these hits.
Were they spam?

any more info? logs? dumps?
Prometheus almost 3 years ago
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1 Solution

For statistics on the google search keywords the visitors of your clients used you need to signup for Google Search Console;

If you have access your apache logs you might also try awstats to parse them and gain some additional insight.

i will try to gain some insight in your spike using some other public tools; will edit this answer when done.

Based on tools like the above; my theory would be that;
The scholarship that your client offers kinda got picked up a lot of websites like this one for example;

All these websites provide lots of back links helping to establish the authority of the website, bumping up the search rankings so now when you search the phrase "personal injury lawyer philadelphia" on google your client ranks as first result.

Creating scholarships for SEO seems to be a pretty common strategy.

If you need to know more just comment.