web scraping
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I have another scraping work , data should be extracted using php code from
( which gets data from )

For each finished match listed in home page the script should extract data and saved
in a m7data.txt file (one match per row), in this format

26/01/2019|01:00|CE Europa(U19):Gimnastic Manresa(U19)|3-1|0-1

26/01/2019 is the date scraped from page
17:15 match time scraped from page
CE Europa(U19):Gimnastic Manresa(U19) ... are the teams
3-1 is the FULL time result
0-1 is the HALF time result

each time I execute the script , the new data (if there is new data) should be appended to the file. For example If I execute the script the day after , new data should be appended to m7data.txt . If I execute the the script two or more times the same day, only new data matches results should be added (if they exist) and there should not be duplicated match results.

Thank you


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