HTML5 and Javascript code for a geolocation conversion tool and google maps extra work
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Provide HTML5 and Javascript code for identical conversion tools to these two:

1) Cartesian to Geodetic Converter:
2) Geodetic to Cartesian Converter:

On both, only WGS 84 is required! Only code for "World Geodesic System 1984", that is used in GPS.

Please don't use any javascript framework. Use only latest version of native Javascript and HTML5.

I will expect it to be tested and conversiton values to be given correct in the new open source app. You can put your author name commented on the top but it must be free software license, no copyrights.

I will tip you some extra $15 USD if you include Google Maps with the pinpointed (Lat,Long) location of the user's IP location, allowing you to use it instead of manually entering values to be converted. Please make it all neat and well commented with links and/or formulas used :-)

You can keep it in your github and be the author but always as free software!

This may help:

Should there be any CSS? Can I use Jquery since that's not a framework?
EmmyMay 1 month ago
Yes, you can use some minimal CSS and Jquery. Keep it simple and minimal, please.
remotemass 1 month ago
Yes, you can use some minimal CSS and Jquery. Keep it simple and minimal, please. I want to use a static webpage hosted on github.
remotemass 1 month ago
awarded to Chlegou

Crowdsource coding tasks.

2 Solutions

Hi there,

i have made a demo for the conversion:


EDIT: i have added the map also :)

check out the link for a working solution.

Also, i have created a working github page repository, for this project since you mentioned you will deploy it there :)


working demo from github:

Sounds really good. I will be testing it for different values to make sure it is working perfectly.
remotemass 1 month ago
sure :) i have followed the official libraries source code, it should really work as wanted. :)
Chlegou 1 month ago
I am seriously considering awarding you the bounty as I think that is fair enough for the other developer working on it. Would be unfair to keep him working. Shall I award you the bounty $50USD + $10 tip= $60USD and five the other developer ("EmmyMay") the other $5 USD? I would like to keep in touch with you for the rest of the project. Are you available?
remotemass 1 month ago
it's fair enough :) . yes i'm available, you could email me privately if you want to discuss and enhance the project:
Chlegou 1 month ago
I just came back on to say I was half way there lol. Great job at Chlegou. Beautifully written JS there. I assume I should stop now right?
EmmyMay 1 month ago
@EmmyMay, it's ok, you could post your code at reached step as a solution, @remotemass promised to give you $5 for your effort :) paste your solution even if it's not completed so you could being tipped :)
Chlegou 1 month ago
Just post what you think can help in the solution and I will tip you $5 USD, bro'!
remotemass 1 month ago

var projector = require('ecef-projector');
var xyz = projector.project(10, 20, 30);

var gps = projector.unproject(xyz[0], xyz[1], xyz[2]);

Believe me when I tell you that the seven days I saw there made me feel too comfortable.
I will understand if you don't find this work tip-worthy but my big idea was to use the above projector library to get the coordinates then use another library called Proj4js for the wgs84 projection.

Of course, this is in nodeJS but I planned to make it work in-client browser after I was sure it worked here or offer to help put it in Heroku if hosting NodeJs is something you aren't familiar with.
EmmyMay 1 month ago
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