How to pass information about the scale and translation of a bitmap in an imageView into another activity
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I use an imageView that users can scale and transform. I then pass the bitmap to another activity using an instance class.

I want the transformation and scaling of the image in the second activity to be the same as the transformation and scaling of the first activity. I currently use getImageMatrix() in the first activity and pass the matrix information into my singleton class. In my next activity I use setImageMatrix(), which I hoped would be able to restore the transformation and scaling of the original image. What I find is that the image in the second activity gets scaled to fit inside of the container and is centered.

I am using android:scaleType="matrix" in the layout.


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1 Solution

Don't sure that I have the exact solution, but stack overflow consider to use setScaleType(ScaleType.MATRIX) before applying you matrix using setImageMatrix()

Can you test this ?

I set the scale type to matrix in the xml for the layout of the activity. I tried manually setting it, like you recommended, but I still have the same results.
Mardymar 5 years ago