How to make recur param work on google calendar deep link
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From Safari on IOS, I am creating a deep link to open a new event on the google calendar app.
The deep link looks like this

And that all works great - when the link is clicked, the google calendar app is opened, and the create new event sceen is open with the all the information in the link.


I also want to add a RECURRENCE RULE to the link, so that when the calendar app opens with a new event, it will have some repeating on it. (For example, repeat every day). This is the part I can not figure out


1: A working link that when clicked from IOS safari, opens up the google calendar app with a new event

2: AND that link has a recurrence rule built in so that when the event is opened in google calendar, it has "repeat daily" on it by default.

3: It is NOT sufficient to open up google calendar WEB with a recurrence rule, it has to be the google calendar app

Google calendar on phone does not support recurrence rules on deep linking.
aalooksth 1 year ago

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1 Solution


I don't have an iOS phone to test but regarding this link

You just have to add thé parameter "recur" with specific URL encoded value like :

As URL encoded on your link it will be :

Can you try this solution and let me know ?


Hi, just as a trial, I tested to set the url link like in a web browser :

It works on my android device, which automatically opens google calendar app. May be it could be the same on ios. You can try it from this link :

I've tried that and it doesn't work :/ I think there is a different param handling for web calendar ( vs deep linking ( for Example the below recurrence rule works fine on web, but not on mobile:
nickthekey 1 year ago