Holoview (BAD_COLUM_NAME) Link Error
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In the code snippet,

https://pastebin.com/Rb8r70hH .

there is a link commented out, that when included generates a (BAD_COLUMN_NAME) Error.

The offending links is commented "#-error if included -> {'source': 5, 'target': 2, 'value': 5}." Can anyone explain how to get a link from source:5 to target:2 and why this error occurs?

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You need just to remove the .select(value=(4, None)) statement

I now the the warning below, but the data plots . Thanks! BokehUserWarning: ColumnDataSource's columns must be of the same length. Current lengths: ('angle', 8), ('text', 9), ('x', 8), ('y', 8)
broadreach 1 year ago