Help me write server-side validation for my small contact form that works in IE8 and PHPv5.1.3
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I am trying to learn how to do server-side validation for my contact form. I built a small contact form to teach myself. I've built the form using Bootstrap 3 with Jquery's validation plugin for client-side validation. I need help with a direction for server-side validation. I have very basic knowledge of PHP and thought of doing the server-side validation through PHP, but is AJAX another/better alternative?

Here's my live demo:

I need: Someone to build the server-side validation for that form.


1.) If the server-side validation code is PHP, it must work on a server running PHP v 5.1.3 (I understand some global filters are not available in PHP versions less than 5.2)

2.) I'm going to add more fields to the form, so I'd like the code to be clear enough so I can understand how it works so I can build on it.

3.) Must work in IE8

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