Help debugging a yepnope async js implementation
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I have a large page that has a lot of script requests. My team took a shot at implementing yepnope to the page. now each js asset appears to be called multiple times (more than just 2) so the total request for the page are 500+ when it should be under 100. I think we did something wonky and I need some pointers on it.

If you can post your interest I will reply with the URL to the application and login to your email address on your profile or how ever you want me to send it. Its a real app so I cant give general access to the public web.

It is my goal to have you login to the site. check out our page, check out our yepnope code and then see what might be happening. you can then send me your code to fix or try and i will update it and refresh

I would like the URL as well.
tomtoump over 5 years ago
awarded to kerncy

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I'm willing to take a look.

replied in contact form, thx!
Qdev over 5 years ago
Winning solution

I'd like to have a look too.

Kercy the site doesnt seem to have a contact form when I try to go to your profile.
Qdev over 5 years ago
I have updated my profile, it should be ok now
kerncy over 5 years ago
cool, sent!
Qdev over 5 years ago
I see in your code that each JS that you call using the first yepnode in your main file also use yepnode load on the same "ScriptPaths" variable, so each JS loaded also call the same JS list and so on recursively. I think that you could remove the {load: "ScriptPaths"} in all your JS, you can just keep the first one on the main page.
kerncy over 5 years ago
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