Help creating a bash script for a REST API
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I need the following:

I have to run the following command:

curl '' \
-F 'url=' \
-F 'name=file_submission1.pdf' \
-F 'parent_folder_path=my_files/section1' \
-H "Authorization: Bearer MYGENERATEDTOKEN"

Which returns:


I then need to grab the ID, in this case "40" and run it through the next CURL command.

curl '' \
-F 'submission[submission_type]=online_upload' \
-F 'submission[file_ids][]=40' \
-H "Authorization: Bearer MYGENERATEDTOKEN"

I then need to run this for users 01-50, in effect so each user uploads a file, and then submits it via the API. I'd like this in the form of a bash script that I can modify on a per use basis, and executable from terminal on a Mac


you will run it with php or directly with bash?
Chlegou 1 year ago
awarded to 5osxcwbf

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for i in {`seq -w 1 $i_max`}

json=$(`curl '$i' -F 'url=' -F 'name=file_submission1.pdf' -F 'parent_folder_path=my_files/section1' -H "Authorization: Bearer MYGENERATEDTOKEN`)

id=$(`$json | grep -Eo '"id":.*?[^\\]",' `)
curl '$i' -F 'submission[submission_type]=online_upload' -F 'submission[file_ids][]=$id' -H "Authorization: Bearer MYGENERATEDTOKEN"

try this and let me know :)
Subhash Dasyam 1 year ago
it seems like he also wants to be able to run it on a per-user basis, also using grep to parse stuff like html, json etc is a bad habit that sooner or later always comes back to haunt you.
5osxcwbf 1 year ago
I understand, but Simon said this need to be run on MAC OsX terminal where jq,python may not be available so i had to choose RE
Subhash Dasyam 1 year ago
Python comes preinstalled on Mac osx.
5osxcwbf 1 year ago
weird not int he case of mine. i had to install
Subhash Dasyam 1 year ago
Winning solution

So here is my solution, if you are unable to modify it yourself, just accept my answer so i get the bounty, and send the urls, access credential detail etc to my anti-spam email address;; i will send you the completely working version as soon as i receive your email. Oh and don't forget to run in bash "chmod +x" since the script executes itself recursively.


#if no argument is found, then we must recursively call ourselves; ./ user01, ./ user02 etc

if [ -z  "$USER" ]; then
    for i in `seq -w 01 50`; 
        echo "Recursively execute $0 user$i"
        #comment out below line to prevent everything from really executing
        $0 user$i

        #remove bellow comment to stop sleeping in between requests
        sleep 1
    exit 1;    

echo "Getting json for:$USER" 

#hardcoded json, uncomment the real curl request below to overwrite 

#curl "$USER" \
#-F 'url=' \
#-F 'name=file_submission1.pdf' \
#-F 'parent_folder_path=my_files/section1' \
#-H "Authorization: Bearer MYGENERATEDTOKEN"  \
echo $JSON 

#Filter id from json using python (which comes pre-installled on osx)
ID=$(echo $JSON  | python -c 'import json,sys;obj=json.load(sys.stdin);print obj["id"]')

echo "id: $ID"

#curl "$USER" \
#-F 'submission[submission_type]=online_upload' \
#-F "submission[file_ids][]=$ID" \
#-H "Authorization: Bearer MYGENERATEDTOKEN"  \

Comments won't parse properly - I'll email you what I get
Simon 1 year ago
Just for clarity - the ID changes with ever user, so I've uncommented out the first CURL command - however it looks like the python command is not working: File "", line 1, in KeyError: 'id' id:
Simon 1 year ago
I just emailed you :]
5osxcwbf 1 year ago
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