Grassberry Environment Controller Mods "display data points on a local screen" Rpi 4
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Good day. I would like someone to take this open source code for an environmental controller and modify/add to it a bit. Currently, the pi with the Grassberry program is designed to be accessed wireless. Everything works great on it.
My bounty is regarding adding a 4inch HDMI Display-C capacitive touchscreen to the pi.
XPT2046 Touch Controller 800x480.
I don't have to use these touch screens, any smaller display would work for me.
The touch can be disabled.
I still need remote control but a local display would help things out.
I would like simple headings to be displayed on the screen with the set points (SP) and process variable (PV) of each environmental parameter.

        TEMP  HUMIDITY   CO2 ppm        FAN             LIGHTS

S.P. 78F 60% 1000 ON or OFF ON or OFF
P.V. F *% * **** ****

This looks buggered up on the display. The headings I need are :


With the SP and PV for each one.
This is extremely easy on industrial control systems but I do not have the time to f with Python.
Please let me know what is going down!!!!

Excuse me, where's the open source application that you want to modify?
TheOsch 1 month ago
Sorry bud, I'm so stupid. I asked the website to add it to my bounty. The code is : The screen is: Thanks!!
highrys 1 month ago
Hello Mr.Osch. I was just wondering if this looked easy enough to accomplish? I am not trying to rush you or anything. I'm still pretty excited to have found this site!
highrys 1 month ago
Dear Mr.Highrys, let me confess: I don't have the required hardware. I'm trying to find and set up some emulator but didn't yet succeeded. Probably I'll find it, run and solve the problem tonight or tomorrow.
TheOsch 1 month ago
Hello sir. No problems at all. I was just wondering if I gave you all the required information. I did not read the site guidelines. Take your time and good luck. :)
highrys 1 month ago
I'm so sorry. I couldn't make it in terms.
TheOsch 1 month ago
Hello Osch. Would something like this help? Otherwise, what information would I need to give in order to make this a reality? Thanks. Kevin
highrys 1 month ago
Hello, In fact I've found the way to do it, but when I found it it was too late. If I had another several days I'd definitely make it.
TheOsch 1 month ago
I could buy different screens to use for this. Maybe it has better documentation? What do you think? What is the easiest way for a coder to incorporate a screen into this project?
highrys 1 month ago
There's no need in buying another screen if this one is already showing something. Does it?
TheOsch 1 month ago
(no matter what it shows, just anything - if it does it's alright).
TheOsch 1 month ago
No, it does not show anything. That is why I linked the site with the image to install it. Your solution is probably over my head. If you can't do it I highly doubt I can. I guess I will live without a display.
highrys 1 month ago
No, I can, but I need the time. This bounty will expire in a few hours.
TheOsch 1 month ago
Thanks for trying.
highrys 1 month ago
Thank you very much. If you'll post a second bounty with a minimum cost, I'll complete this task.
TheOsch 1 month ago
Will do.
highrys 1 month ago
Shitty fucking "solution". You are a gay commie
highrys 22 days ago
I forgot to mention step 0: "Finally turn on your display, you stoned [censored]".
TheOsch 22 days ago
To assume that I use marijuana because I grow it draws parallels to assuming you can code because you are on a coding site.
highrys 22 days ago
You are too busy Putin shit in your ass to do what you said you would do. Liar or failure. Either way, you don't have the balls to admit it.
highrys 22 days ago
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highrys 22 days ago
awarded to TheOsch

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I decided to share the plan to fulfil the task so that you get at least something. It would be useful if you'll decide to repost the bounty.

  1. Download the disk image you've supplied. Mount it with the following command:

    mount -o loop,offset=276824064 20190812_shrinked3.img </any/mount/point>

    (this is for Linux; I don't know how to do the same in Windows or Mac - after all, VirtualBox with some Linux will help). It will be used for reference.

  2. Clone the repos: and (this is the software you use, as far as I understand, isn't it)?

  3. Study these applications and find out how to get the data you need to display.

  4. Run Raspberry Pi emulator. I couldn't emulate Pi 4, browsed the whole Internet but didn't find anybody who could (that's what I did most of these days) but probably Pi 3 is fine too.

  5. Run the backend application there. I found that it has a "simulation mode" in which it can work without actual sensors providing random data instead (it's a SIMULATION parameter in the application's environment).

  6. Write a simple program/script that takes the data from the backend and displays it. Test it in the emulator.

  7. Pack it and provide an instruction how to deploy it on the machine running the original image (the instruction will be like this: "Copy this folder somewhere into the Pi's filesystem and add a line to /etc/rc.local to run the application contained there").

Using this plan, anyone who can program will be able to solve the problem in a few days.