Google maps crawler that grabs all business info of "Non claimed" businesses.
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I need an app the crawls Google maps in the area you're currently in. It will scan are retrieve all businesses who have "NOT" claimed their business. All these businesses will be put into a nosql data sheet with this information for each business...

  1. Business ID
  2. Business name
  3. Business website
  4. Business email (all available)
  5. Contact person (if available)
  6. Phone number
Hi! Could you clarify what do you mean by the app? Android/IOS app, web app, CLI or something else? Any UI requirements? One last thing, the app needs to know which business actually belongs to the user. How should the data be provided? Thank you.
VladimirMikulic almost 2 years ago
Hello, my apologies for the delay. I'd like it to be an android app but it could be a desktop application. I'd like an easy to use UI that can be basic but attractive and easy to understand. No, the app simply finds any business that hasn't been "claimed". If you do a general business search on google you will come across some businesses that have a "claim this business" button at the button. This means the business owner hasn't claimed the page yet. I need the app to pull the information for those businesses. almost 2 years ago
Hello! No problem. Unfortunately, your idea doesn't work in practice. Google's API does not allow us to retrieve whether the business is claimed or not. It does make sense from their point of view since providing this data would attract a lot of spammers to their service and potentially add overhead.
VladimirMikulic over 1 year ago

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