Google Images jQuery Plugin
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I'm looking for a Google Images style jQuery plugin.

The user would click an element and it would expand with further details (Title, Multiple Elements of Text and Several Images (One main image like Google but with thumbnails under that, that once clicked would replace the main image))), I've tried using but it requires CSS 3.

The expanded area would need to appear below the clicked element and start from the edge of the left hand side of the screen or specified container and reach across to the right hand side. Once a user clicks another element the current expanded element, if there is one, would need to animate closed before animate opening the new one. It's basically the same as the Google Images functionality apart from the closing animation once another element is clicked.

Please also bare in mind there maybe various rows of clickable elements.

So you would like a solution that does not involve CSS3, is that correct?
alex over 6 years ago
Yes, that's correct
PapaSmurf over 6 years ago
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