Git squash/merge question regarding a commit
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So I have this commit

I want to "Squash" or merge the top commit regarding deleting of scaffolds css with the other commit that actually has the scaffolds.css.less file.

How do I squash the commits so that the top commit of deleting scaffolds css goes away and the scaffolds.css.less file is removed from the "add therapist scaffold" commit?

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You'll want to perform an interactive rebase... there is a good explanation of that here:

Can you walk through the exact commands for this? I learn better with an example and I'm fearful of doing anything because last time I tried this, I lost all my work, and I never wanted to touch git rebase after that The relevant commits are b52c370 and 5b94cfa from this branch: Perhaps it makes more sense to edit the first commit and discard the "remove scaffolds css" commit? Instead of Squash? What do you think?
akshatpradhan over 6 years ago
If you're worried about screwing something up, you can clone your git repo into a new folder, and just rm it and not push anything if it gets messed up. As for the actual commands: git rebase --interactive HEAD~7 then I think you just reorder the commits so that the 2 relevant commits are next to each other, and squash the 2 together
slang over 6 years ago