Get Memorycoin working with Bitcoin-ABE
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I am trying to get Memorycoin with Bitcoin-ABE. It keeps throwing an exception and saying:

error: unpack_from requires a buffer of at least 4 bytes

Searching this led me to try the ppcoin branch, however that did not work either.

Here is the config file I am using:

dbtype MySQLdb

connect-args {"user":"root","db":"mmc","passwd":"Lo9Ki8Ju7"}

port 2761



datadir = [{

"dirname": "/home/jeff/.memorycoin",

"chain": "Memorycoin",

"code3": "MMC",

"magic": "\u00f9\u00bc\u00b6\u00d9",

"conf": "memorycoin.conf"


commit-bytes = 100000

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