Front-end ember-table to a Rails app with some customisations
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Build an example single table Rails app, with ember-table as the front-end. Some customisations also so that ember-table behaves more like an Excel spreadsheet with filters.

Put the full app code in github or the like.

Data Column Filtering & Hiding

Within the column header is an icon.
When pressed it pops up a filter dialog, allowing the addition of filters on that column.
The filters are the same as the current on various filter options: (equals, equals any, equals all etc)
If there are any filters applied, the icon changes from gray to blue
Also possible to select a "Hide" check box, and the column will be hidden.

Clear Buttons

Buttons above the table:
- "Clear Filters" - clears all filters on all columns
- "Show Columns" - shows all columns which have been hidden

Table Sort

The data set can be sorted ascending / descending by clicking on the table heading. Only data which has not been filtered (ie: is in the view) will be sorted.

List View

The last column of the table contains the same icon in each row (bootstrap icon-share-alt). When pressed it presents the columns in a ember list view format (

Select Column
A check box is the far-left column. Press it to select, and the column is updated on the underlying Rails table. In the header is a checkbox which does select/deselect all.

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