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I was wondering if you could show me how to place a "Fork me on github ribbon" onto the homepage of Compliance chimp

I was wanting to use this:

Which files would I put into vendor/assets or is that deprecated in rails4? I'd like to integrate this vendor css the Rails4 way.

Also, I think this is the snippet that I need to use. Where in home/index.html.erb would I put this html?

<div class="github-fork-ribbon-wrapper right-bottom">
    <div class="github-fork-ribbon">
        <a href="">Fork me on GitHub</a>

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The Rails 4 way is to put these assets in a gem (overkill in this situation, IMHO) or put the assets in app/assets/.



Source: (search for "CSS")

"In Rails 4.0, precompiling assets no longer automatically copies non-JS/CSS assets fromvendor/assets and lib/assets. Rails application and engine developers should put these assets in app/assets or configure config.assets.precompile."

hi skram, thank you for this. I've been away for the weekend but I plan to implement this soon.
apr over 6 years ago