Fork, narrow it down to sig/verify and make signatures nestable.
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  1. Please fork and rename it bitcoin-signature-tool.

  2. Roll it back to commit/f7679dd03f39a04edced641960a7c3df1116fea9 (the most recent commit with working code) and remove the following tabs: Generator, Chains, Transactions, and Converter. At that point only the Sign and Verify tabs will be there.

  3. Enable the signatures to be nestable. Currently a second signature on an already-signed message will not verify because the parser gets confused on the boundaries between message and signature blocks. I would like to be able to nest at least two levels deep and be tolerant of mixing the signature types. GNUPG does this by prepending a dash-space ("- ") on inner headers (i.e. "------BEGIN" becomes "- -----BEGIN") which tells the verifier somehow to ignore the inner signatures which is the approach I'd like you to use here.

awarded to Taiiwo

Crowdsource coding tasks.

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Winning solution

Here's the link to the github fork:

Here's a live version of the site that you can use:

That was crazy fast! For some reason the sign feature isn't working for me. Nothing happens when I click. Didn't try the verify side. Thanks!
weex 4 years ago
In removing the HTML for the other tabs, it stopped the site from generating the private keys. I put the code back in, and just hid it. Should work as intended now.
Taiiwo 4 years ago