FlexMonkey breaks with Apache Flex v4.12
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The Automation Library that is part of the Flex SDK has changed since it was donated by Adobe and the tool itself throws errors/exceptions with previously working test scripts.

We've already learnt that the Automation Library's package structure changed quite a bit(i.e: 4.12.1/frameworks/projects/automation_agent is a whole new package structure that doesn't exist in Flex 4.6, Apache also renamed the mx.automation.qtp.IQTP* classes to mx.automation.tool.ITool*).

We would like to find those locations in the FlexMonkey code where it references invalid packages, classes and functions.

Are you trying to use AL for 4.12.1 with Flex 4.6?
revprez over 5 years ago
We're using only one version of the Flex SDK which is 4.12.1
skyone over 5 years ago
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