FlexMonkey breaks with Apache Flex v4.12
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The Automation Library that is part of the Flex SDK has changed since it was donated by Adobe and the tool itself throws errors/exceptions with previously working test scripts.

We've already learnt that the Automation Library's package structure changed quite a bit(i.e: 4.12.1/frameworks/projects/automation_agent is a whole new package structure that doesn't exist in Flex 4.6, Apache also renamed the mx.automation.qtp.IQTP* classes to mx.automation.tool.ITool*).

We would like to find those locations in the FlexMonkey code where it references invalid packages, classes and functions.

Are you trying to use AL for 4.12.1 with Flex 4.6?
revprez 7 years ago
We're using only one version of the Flex SDK which is 4.12.1
skyone 7 years ago
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