Fix react native menu component
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The menu component works fine in this demo

But when applied to the app bar, you can see the second menu on the page does not appear where it should

Additionally the menu component overlay seems to get stuck on this page. This is probably because of the clickoutside logic.

So I'd like these two issues fixed:

  1. The menu component shows in the correct place in all demos.
  2. Fix clickoutside logic on appbar page.

You can also make a pr on the project for these fixes if you want some open source contributions.

Extra tips:

  1. Implement device edge away logic like on this project
  2. Other improvements to this component.


awarded to meo

Crowdsource coding tasks.

2 Solutions

Winning solution

Checkout my pull request if it's what you need:

Thanks! Seems like a simple solution, sometimes it's hard to see though after you've been working on it so much. Thanks again!
outisflippa 3 years ago
yeap, seem like it's big and very complex projects
meo 3 years ago

This one for implement device edge away logic :
(only left or right edge currently)

Awesome, are you working on the top and bottom or should I merge that PR and tip?
outisflippa 3 years ago
The modal height inside storybook is not correct. I cant make it run on iOS simulator now, so I will leave it for another day.
meo 3 years ago
Alright thanks!
outisflippa 3 years ago
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