Fix mobile jquery / css bug
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I have just purchased this plugin and it seems that there is a bug.

When you click on the image above the product with select options (see image below).

When on mobile (iPhone) I can't fill out any text inputs e.g. the quantity.

Can you please send a screenshot when using on iPhone? There's nothing wrong when emulating it on DevTools, neither on Android (ldp device)
enderdba almost 4 years ago
it seems working in chrome device simulator. also tested in android and seems working. can you give clear screenshots for it?
Chlegou almost 4 years ago
I can't see the screenshot (no sharing permissions).
gabrielsimoes almost 4 years ago
What browser and version are you using? iPhone version?
kostasx almost 4 years ago
You need to check sharing permissions for that file.
enderdba almost 4 years ago

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1 Solution

It seems a problem with the keyboard showing up on Android and IOS Devices. Mainly because the modal that the theme shows up for buying the stuff it's not able to fit all in a small screen. Try to apply this css property to the .woo-quick-view class:

overflow-y: scroll !important;

so no matter what tricky stuff that theme do, it will remain scrollable for all devices.