Fix Chat popover interaction in bootstrap admin theme
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I have a bootstrap admin with a chat window that should appear when you click on the persons name in a list. this works fine. what doesnt work well is the popover doesnt appear next to the person you clicked on. It seems to just show in a default location with the > icon pointing to the wrong person. I have a video seen here

This bounty is to get the click on a persons name to load the window here but next to their name and with the carrot pointing to the right person. if possible lets make sure the popover opens up instead of down if we are close to the bottom so the user can access the info without scrolling to try and catch it.

here is a zip of the code driving this

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Here you go:

Just replace your file with this one

The main part is this:

$(".chat-group a").on('click', function(ev)

    var el_offset = $(this).offset();
    var el_size = $(this).height();


    $(".chat-conversation").offset({top: - el_size});

    $(".chat-conversation textarea").trigger('autosize.resize').focus();
Here's a version with some stuff added, like proper setting of the chatbox header and preventing scroll when open near the bottom of the page:
dekkard 4 years ago