Fix an Adobe lightroom plugin
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The lightroom plugin here has not been maintained for a long time. It is a Lightroom Publishing Plugin that mirrors collections onto your hard drive. It still works, but the photo renaming functionality has failed. If you try to rename photos as part of publishing, it fails when looking for a folder called Filename Templates in the Adobe Directory. Adobe has moved this or ended its use. Can anyone on here repair it? The original developer, Rob Cole, passed away in 2015.

I just got word from Lightroom forums that the Filename Templates folder exists. For me at least it is now in AppData\Roaming\Adobe instead of the lightroom program folder. Should be quite a simple fix to look in a couple of places.
sebmack over 1 year ago
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Hello @sebmack,

Could you please check out if this repository works for you?

Thank you,

HI - it gives me an error when adding the plugin unfortunately. App (executable) does not exist. ExifTool is not configured correctly. You must configure it in plugin manager for this plugin to work correctly. Not sure what that means. Note the comment above that might help.
sebmack over 1 year ago
Hello @sebmack! I appreciate you giving me a tip, although I was unable to provide the right solution. It seems that the issue is a bit more complex and I am pleased to see that @radosinsky managed to solve it!
VladimirMikulic over 1 year ago
Winning solution


I updated the plugin to use correct path when looking for filename presets. You can find the plugin here:

I tested this on Windows and publishing with custom filename template works without errors. If you'd like me to test this on macOS too, please let me know.

You'll probably get the error about ExifTool missing. You can either ignore this error (if you do not plan to use ExifTool), or set path to exiftool executable in the plugin manager following these steps:

1) Go to Plug-in Manager -> rc TreeSync Publisher -> Preset Manager

2) Create new preset by selecting New Preset in the dropdown menu

3) Scroll to the bottom on new preset's file and change _t.exifToolApp = nil from nil to path to your ExifTool executable (which you can find here:

Hi, Do you know why EXIFtool is now missing? It didn't have this error message before? Sorry to ask questions! Tks
sebmack over 1 year ago
I'm not sure, you might have had different version of the plugin that included the ExifTool, or maybe your plugin was already configured before with correct path to the executable. The plugin from throws same error for me, so it's not because of the changes made by me.
radosinsky over 1 year ago
Thanks. Sorry for the delay testing. Just been out a couple of days and had no chance. Will do asap.
sebmack over 1 year ago
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