Find me a copy of the most recent version of the software puppet geppetto for linux64
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This is an IDE I used to work with Puppet. The official visual studio code plugin is not as good.

As you can see for yourself, the download link no longer works.

I already tried asking in the #puppet IRC channel and the official forums with no success.

If you have the archive, please upload it somewhere I can get it.

edit: My objective with this bounty is to find someone that still has a working copy of geppetto, downloaded from the official website, that they can share with me. I stupidly deleted mine. This copy would include the latest version of Eclipse compatible with the geppetto mod, so it would be basically a moddedd eclipse.
Yes, I know it's possible to compile things but that's what I'm trying to avoid here.

Thomas Hallgren, He was a main mantainer of Geppetto. Try to contact him. I tried also to search for the author Henrik Lindberg, but I can't find the personal mail. Kenn Hussey is the one that has created the repository, but he is inactive.
Stefano Balzarotti over 3 years ago

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Thing is, geppetto is mod for an old version of eclipse, and that doesn't come with those releases you posted. On the downloadable release that no longer works, eclipse was already included. I haven't tried yet to compile / import into an eclipse.
fullmooninu over 3 years ago
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