Install a modified "social share bar" on my website
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I want to do this:

Recreate the Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest buttons from LifeHack in my WordPress blog here

The login info:


Pass: xx


Your job is to try to find an existing plugin (or make your own) (or modify one) and get it installed and match the functionality of the social bar at LifeHack as much as possible.

hey i can do this for you in rework the layout of the existing social bar plugin to look like LifeHack. Fortunatly LifeHack didnt use images but css gradients to create the buttons so a rip off should not be a problem(you dont steal images) but i didnt want to mess around with your wp without you agreeing first e ven though you nposted login publicly. Just tell me then i can change the theme to look like lifehack i can do it this evening.
Ibenor 8 years ago
Ya go for it. I'm a graphic designer so just try to mimic the "look and feel" as close as you can. I can play with the "look" of it later. I'm more concerned with mimicking the functionality for now.
tonloc 8 years ago
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1 Solution

Have you looked into Jetpack from the people who publish Wordpress? I find it to work very well and look good too.

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