Feature modification/enhancement of Lamassu Server/Machine code #2 (bounty + $25 tip!)
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After installing the lamassu-server on your DO VPS (or Ubuntu 16x server), launch the web admin and go to;

Maintenance -> Machines

If this screen is not visible, you'll need to add a machine and activate cash-out. You can emulate machines (see readme file), or you can send me QR codes and I'll connect real machines to your Lamassu server instance.

The current behavior displays Top & Bottom Bill Counts numerically, e.g.- Top Bill Count = 20, Bottom Bill Count = 30, where 20 = 20x $20 USD bills and 30 = 30x $50 USD bills, as one possible example.

Need to add sum totals to the mix so that -at a glance- one can see how much cash (and bill count) is in a particular machine, e.g.- Top Bill Count = 20 ($400 USD).

Generally speaking, one needs to be able to see exactly how much money (fiat cash) is in each machine (in both top and bottom cashboxes), in addition to the bill/note count.

If there are multiple national [paper] currencies/machines, such as USD, MXN, CAD, and so forth, then each row should display its respective currency, and all non-USD currencies should show the current forex equivalent, e.g.- 20x MXN bills = $4,000 MXN (pesos) = $225 USD (exchange rate = 18%).

Admin of these CAD, USD, MXN, etc. machines are all done in en-us (English, USD), hence the need for simple visual cues in USD.

Here are the applicable repos;




If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you in advance for your interest -and help!


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