Feature modification/enhancement of Lamassu Server/Machine code (bounty + $75 tip)
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After installing the lamassu-server on your DO VPS (or Ubuntu 16x server), launch the web admin and go to;

Machine Settings -> Setup

( https://www.dropbox.com/s/j5vyqderji31mbq/Screenshot%202018-10-12%2023.47.55.png?dl=0 )

This section pertains to fiat currency, such as USD for the United States, CAD for Canada, MXN for Mexico, and so forth. At the moment, the server/machine code only supports one fiat for a given server instance, which means one must setup a server for all USD machines, another server for all CAD machines, another server for all MXN machines, and so forth.

Need to modify the server (and machine code if applicable) so that multiple fiat currencies may be configured within a single server instance. Currently the global setting setting for Fiat Currency makes the individual machine settings for Fiat Currency inactive (can't be changed), so this is the behavior that needs to be modified.

Upon modification, I would like to test the changes on [f]actual machines, therefore you will need to go to; + Add Machine and add three new machines, one named MXN, another named USD, and another named CAD. with each new machine, it'll generate a QR code, please save each one and send them to me and I'll pair your server instance with three separate machines, and thereafter will perform some actions on each machine, and we will see how both the machine code and the server code behave, and you can view the logs within your Lamassu admin panel, and if all works well, then job well done.

When all is said and done with this task, the above admin menu/screen (and https://www.dropbox.com/s/9rm2indqhpn0o18/Screenshot%202018-10-12%2023.56.25.png?dl=0 ) should show multiple rows... the first being the Global row, followed by MXN, USD, and CAD rows, wherein each row and each/every column/row is editable, namely/specifically the Fiat Currency row. In the Machine Settings -> Cash-Out** menu, it too should function correctly with the multiple/different fiat currencies.

Other code/menu items may be relational/effected, so this task is to include those as-well, even though it/they may not be mentioned above, also including psql dB/table modification, install script, json settings file, etc.

Here are the applicable repos;




If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you in advance for your interest -and help!


it's time to make some contributions to automate such testing instead :)
valerysntx over 3 years ago

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