Frequently Asked Questions

1. Post a bounty
Describe the problem and post a bounty. All on one page.

Posting a bounty is easy. Describe your task or question and choose a bounty amount. You pay the bounty amount (plus a small fee) upfront. It all happens on a single form.

2. Verify solutions
Programmers compete to provide solutions within 1 week.
Verify solutions and provide feedback as necessary. You have until 48 hours after the bounty expires to pick a winner.
3. Pick a winner
Pick the best solution to receive the bounty. Tip if you want.
The winner will receive the bounty. If you receive no solutions or none are satisfactory, the bounty will go to the Against Malaria Foundation. If you win a solution, you can choose to donate your winnings.
What is Bountify?

Bountify is a marketplace for solutions to coding problems.

Here, you can post coding tasks or questions with cash bounties attached. Be sure to check out the About section for more info.

Do I have to log in or create an account?

You can visit the form for creating a bounty without an account. You need to register to post a bounty, but you can do it on the bounty form. You also need to be logged in to provide solutions or leave comments.

Signing up is easy. We only ask for your name, email (both are kept private) and a public user name.

You can also register with your Github account. We glean your email address, Github user id, nickname, full name (if provided), and Github url from your account. Signing up with Github makes logging in more convenient. You can also become "Github verified", meaning a link to your Github profile will be displayed on your Bountify profile page (it is hidden by default).

Click here to sign up.

Posting bounties
What types of coding tasks and questions can I post on Bountify?

The best tasks to post on Bountify are those with verifiable solutions. Clearly define your problem and specify the deliverables. Be specific about what you want and ensure that you can verify the correctness of the possible solutions you receive.

Consider using Bountify for the following types of questions and tasks:

  • Well-defined coding tasks
  • Difficult, time consuming, and "tl;dr" questions
  • "Make this code work"-type questions
  • Questions that need attention ASAP
  • Questions that are unlikely to receive attention on their own
  • General programming questions that should get answered on SO but don't
What should I not post?

Tasks and questions whose solutions are not easily verifiable are less well-suited to Bountify.

How do I post a bounty on a task or question?

Posting bounties and describing your task/question takes place on a single form. You must register before posting.

  1. Sign up or sign in
  2. Describe your task or question on the bounty form
  3. Choose a bounty ($1-100) to award to the best solution (or a charity, if you receive no good solutions)
  4. Pay the bounty and posting fee upfront (both are non-refundable)
What happens after I post a bounty?

After you post your task or question bounty:

  1. Programmers submit solutions to compete for your bounty. Provide feedback if necessary to point coders in the right direction.
  2. Pick a winner to receive the bounty. If there are no solutions, or if no solutions are satisfactory, you can select a charity to receive the bounty instead. You can pick a winning solution at any point during your question's 1 week lifetime, or up to 48 hours after.
Do bounties expire?

Yes. Bounties expire after 1 week.

Live bounties: When a bounty is live, users can post solutions, and the asker can select a solution.

Expired bounties: After a bounty has expired, the bounty poster will be asked to select a solution.

Can I edit my task/question after I ask it?

Yes. Be courteous; only make necessary clarifications, and do not make major changes. The history of your edits will be visible.

Can other people edit my questions or solutions?

Only site administrators can edit content, and in most circumstances will not do so (a notable exception being when there is a breach of the terms of use).

What does it cost to post a bounty?

When posting a bounty, you pay the bounty amount plus a small fee upfront. Fees start at $0.99 and increase with the bounty amount. Visit the bounty form to see the full cost schedule.

When am I charged?

You are charged upfront when you post a bounty.

What if I receive no solutions, or am not satisfied with the solutions I receive?

If you receive no solutions or no solutions are satisfactory, you will be able to select a charity to receive the bounty. If you do not select a charity within 48 hours of the bounty's expiration, the bounty will be assigned to a randomly-selected charity.

Can I post homework questions?

No. Questions that are obviously homework problems will be removed.

How do I redeem a coupon?

If you have a valid coupon, a "redeem coupon" checkbox will be visible on the bounty form after you log in. Check that box and select the corresponding bounty amount. You will not have to enter your credit card if you're using a coupon.

You can only use a coupon for a bounty of an equal amount. For example, you can post a $5 bounty with a $5 coupon, but you can't use a $5 coupon to get $5 off of a $100 bounty.

If you have valid coupons, they'll be visible on your account page.

Coupons are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

How can I get notified when new bounties are posted?

You can either follow @bountify on Twitter:

...or sign up for email alerts. To sign up for email alerts, sign up and visit your account settings.

There is also an atom feed.

When do bounties go to charity?

Bounties can go to charity in several cases:

  • If your task or question receives no responses over its 1 week lifetime, you will be asked to pick a charity to receive the bounty.
  • Similarly, if you receive solutions but none are acceptable, then you are free to send the bounty to a charity instead.
  • If you win a bounty, you can choose to have it sent to charity instead. Let us know within 24 hours or we'll send the bounty to you.

Keep in mind that once you post a bounty, you'll either award the bounty to a solution provider or to a charity. If you do neither, your bounty will be earmarked for the Against Malaria Foundation 48 hours after the question expires.

Also consider that not awarding the bounty to a solution provider may negatively impact your community reputation. Would-be solution providers can see your history of questions, and may be less likely to provide solutions to questions/tasks in the future if they deem your bounty-awarding history to be unfair.

What if my favorite charity isn't on your list?

The Against Malaria Foundation is the only charity on Bountify. Read why.

Will I get a tax deduction if my bounty goes to a charity?

No. That would influence the bounty-assignment process for the worse, and presents some accounting challenges we can't address yet.

How does tipping work?

Sometimes multiple helpful solutions are posted. Tipping lets you award solutions other than the winning one.

Simply click "Tip" next to a solution, and you'll be able to award that solution's author in the amount of your choice.

Who can tip?

Any registered user can tip a solution. If you find a solution useful, feel free to tip!

Why tip?

Tipping shows your gratitude for a helpful solution. It will also boost your site reputation. Solution providers will be more likely to post solutions if they know you are a good tipper, so tip freely!

Providing solutions
How do I submit a solution to a question/task?

First sign up or sign in. Then you can leave a solution on a bounty's page.

To compete for a bounty, be sure to:

  • Provide exactly what the poster requested
  • Provide the solution on time (questions expire after 1 week)

Keep in mind that multiple solutions will likely be received, and that it is up to the bounty poster to choose the winner.

I want to answer a question- but how do I know I'll get paid?

There is no guarantee you'll win the bounty. The person who started the contest is free to assign the bounty to whichever solution provider they want (they can even assign it to charity if no responses were satisfactory).

Investigate at a user's history (by clicking on their user name) before answering a question. Only provide solutions to those who fairly assign bounties.

Keep in mind that the bounty creator has already paid the bounty amount in full to Bountify.

Can I answer my own question?


How do payouts occur?

If your solution was submitted in time and was selected as the winner, then you will receive the bounty.

Payouts occur via Paypal within 48 hours after your solution is selected as the winner. Your default Paypal email address is the login email address you provided at signup. You can specify an alternate email address at which to receive Paypal payouts by visiting your account settings page after signup.

What does it cost to receive a payout?

There is no fee to receive a bounty payment other than those Paypal may charge on your end to receive a payment.

How do I get notified of new bounties?

You can specify which tags you'd like to subscribe to in your account settings. You can also subscribe to all new bounties. We'll email you when new bounties are posted. You can also follow @bountify (we Tweet out all new bounties).

Disputes and multiple correct solutions
What if there is a dispute?

It is ultimately up to the bounty poster to select a winning solution. Please research the asker before taking the time to answer their questions; you can do this by visiting their profile page and looking at their history of questions asked.

What if multiple people provide the correct solution?

The question asker should accept the most useful solution. If multiple identical solutions are received, they should select the one submitted first. It is ultimately up to the asker to choose a winning solution, and they may do so at their discretion.

Will someone always receive the bounty?

The bounty poster is not required to select an solution. If no solution is chosen within 48 hours of the question's expiration, the bounty will be assigned to a randomly-selected charity.

Questions and feedback
What if I have feedback for the site?

Let us know! Feedback is greatly appreciated.

I have a question that is not answered here.

Contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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