($20 INCREASED!) Facebook and Google Sign up / Sign in / Sign out
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Very simple bounty for those who have experience working with Facebook and Google Sign in.

Summary: I need a signup, confirmation, and login page that works with Facebook / Google.


1) Create a two-step form with the following:

  • STEP 1: Input Checkboxes: "Choose 3 destinations".

    Choices: a) New York b) Miami c) Washington d) San Francisco e) Texas f) Los Angeles

  • STEP 2:

    • Text Field: name
    • Text Field: email
    • Password field: password
    • Signup button
    • Sign in via Facebook
    • Sign in via Google

User has 3 options:

  • Click on Signup button and fill in the Email, Name, and password fields.
  • Leave Email, Name, and Password fields empty and click on "Sign in via Facebook" or "Sign in via Google" so that Google or Facebook provides the email and name for them.

2) Upon clicking on "Signup button", "Sign in via Facebook", or "Sign in via Google" user should be redirected to a confirmation.php (separate page) where you shall display "Hello [name], your email is [email] and your choosen destinations are [choosen destinations from checkbox input]". Include placeholders for php / mysql functions to store the data.

On confirmation.php page also place a logout link, so user can logout.


1) Have three options: a) email/password b) Login with Facebook c) Login with Google
Upon login, send to inside.php, and include a logout link so user can logout.

The idea is that we store the data of users in database with php / mysql.
Please suggest what are the best practices and implement it.

Create your own Facebook / Google App credentials and provide instructions on how to create this.

Technology to use: PDO / MySQL / PHP 5.6 / Jquery

I got the solution developed using google. FB integration remaining. Will you be interested?
jaych1977 almost 2 years ago
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Hi nobody was attempting the problem, so i decided to try, plz provide me with your mail, I will mail you the code, or if it's okay i will post here, whichever way you prefer.Thank you

georgefountain almost 2 years ago
Hey George, I have sent you the link from which you can download the code and I have prepared a detailed video instruction for you to follow, step by step, I thought it would be nice and would prevent any confusion regarding the steps you need to follow.Thank you
Codeword almost 2 years ago