Extract digits from series of images
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  1. Snap (optionally just read from file)
  2. Crop
  3. Rotate
  4. Filter
  5. Math
  6. Save to a file

RSA hacking

Updated test cases:

1) series0
2) series1
3) series2
and a hi-res image taken from the other angle :)

Have fun!

This project is for lulz. Let's the hacking begin Please do not rush, please take your time. Much more prefer solid, readable and maintanable code. extra money will come to the most hardcore hacker:

Hardcore hacker

EDIT: @wanab33ninja asked a few very good questions, here are the answers, some other edits along the way:

  • The numbers will definitely be from RSA tokens (a few of them)
  • Lightning condition will change (24/7 operation)
  • It doesn't have to be RaspberryPi, for now assume set of files is sufficient
  • To take picture I'll use motion / camorama / cheese / whatever however direct access to /dev/video0 might be preffered (don't like to use software I do not understand)

The main part of the job: crop + rotate + filter + math

Having some boilerplate code and experience in libraries like OpenCV it should be that hard.

Question. Do you want the actual code to take a picture? I don't have a rasberry pi... Also, will the numbers always be from the RSA token? Or could they be on something else? I am trying to see how robust the algorithm needs to be. Will the lighting always be like this?
wanab33ninja 10 years ago
These are incredibly good questions so I updated the posting and answered them there. Thanks man.
stefek99 10 years ago
Nice question! BTW, "should" or "shouldn't" be that hard? :P Seems hard to me...
alixaxel 10 years ago
:) I don't have experience with openCV (or any other library) and I got so much on my head that learning new environment is not the top on my priority list at the moment. It seems hard but it shouldn't be that hard, treat this as a challenge, something for fun, just like interview street, topcoder, etc...
stefek99 10 years ago
Question. Will there be more than one RSA token per picture?
wanab33ninja 10 years ago
@wanab33ninja Yes and no. Yes: there will be couple of tokens. No: do not worry about it, once there is generic code in place it is sufficient to start process with params such as offset / rotation / dimension / whatever :) Hope this makes sense. First and foremost: this is for fun (received voucher, happy to pass it on). Happy to answer any additional questions...
stefek99 10 years ago
Hi there! The crop part seems to me the hardest yet. Here is what I've got https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hox5v949j7ijjm2/4P03weT3rU (updated) Could you please upload more examples? Just for me to be sure that I haven't driven my algorithm to particular photos.
hashme33 10 years ago
I will update more photos later Today...
stefek99 10 years ago
Do you want to find all tokens? On some pictures I can distinguish only 2-3, other are obscured by lighting
hashme33 10 years ago
POC - proof of concept. Get basic case fine, rest fill follow. In the production there will be proper lightning. The main part of the job: crop + rotate + filter + math (rubbish in rubbish out, good picture quality is a must, it's just temporary that images look obstructed)
stefek99 10 years ago
Hi! There is a related article on this http://habrahabr.ru/post/143102/ (in Russian) with python script which might solve some of your requirements.
ivrool 10 years ago
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