Events Feed Plugin: Names of events are cut off even it they're under 30 characters long
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Description of Error

A customer reported that some of the event names for events from his iCal feed are cut off even if they're under 30 characters. I'm not sure if this changed from the 2.0 system, but the number of characters that can be displayed for an event title should be more than 18 or so. This is the iCal feed that they're using:

All of the events display, but if they have slightly longer names they're cut off with "..."

Steps to Reproduce

Open the app and click on "Calendar". Any event with a name that's over 18 characters or so is cut off with "..."



BuildFire is a mobile app building platform that allows developers through HTML, JS and CSS to create plugins for the platform to extend mobile app functionality.

Learn more at and


  • NodeJS - download
  • npm
  • git
  • knowledge on how to create a pull-request on github

How to Install

BuildFire SDK npm i buildfire you may need to be admin or super user depending on your environment

  • Init SDK buildfire init this will install the SDK in a folder called BuildFireSDK
  • Navigate to folder cd BuildFireSDK
  • Clone plugin buildfire plugin clone eventsFeedPlugin from the repo

Run plugin locally

  • Run tester buildfire run this will run a web server on http://localhost:3030
  • in the Plugin input box enter in the name of your plugin. example: eventsFeedPlugin depending on your OS this could be case sensitive

Understanding the autonomy of a BuildFire Plugin

  • the Control: is the right hand side of the plugin meant to live in the BuildFire control panel/dashboard
  • the Widget: is the left hand side of the plugin meant to live in the mobile app to learn more click here

Submit a pull request

Additional Information

Crowdsource coding tasks.

1 Solution

It's done on this pull request, please try:

Ellipsis were disabled on event titles, if you need to delete them on the feed too, just ask me

Thank you. I have asked my team to review your pull request.
twalters almost 4 years ago
Did you check out the code?
enderdba over 3 years ago