Dynamic pdf form/url - works in chrome and acrobat reader
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Looking to get a pdf with a form on it (name, email, phone etc). The pdf will have a link/url in it to that will contain the inputs from the form fields.

The goal here to be able to make a dynamic url for the user based on the inputs they specified. Ideally it runs in acrobats reader and chrome without any special settings to override normal security settings.

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Hey, here's my solution:

PDF: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2twawisjtxbcgro/formlink.pdf?dl=0

The link is generated as user is typing and can be clicked to open it in a browser.

Most of the scripts can be found under Javascript -> Document JavaScripts.

Input fields are wired under form fields' Properties -> Format -> Custom Keystroke Script.

Link field's calculation script is under Properties -> Calculate -> Custom calculation script. And the mouse click (open url) action is under Actions -> Actions.

Tested and working without problems in Adobe Reader. In Chrome it's generating the link, but the click event doesn't work. I'm sure that gets solved with installing Adobe Reader extension for Chrome, as I tested with the default Chrome's PDF reader.