Duplicate Widget area(s) & add custom CSS file
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I need someone to simply duplicate a few widget areas of an existing Wordpress theme and add wrap each with a new CSS element. Everything's pretty straightforward and called via functions.php, the CSS is wrapped in SASS, but I'm using the main style.css as a child theme so new CSS could just be dropped into that.

I'm using Widget Logic to place widgets accordingly.

I'll be posting a handful of items for this project so if the same developer could attack as many as possible that'd be sweet.

What's best way to post markdown or login?

Thanks in advance.

Hi cunningfox, i have the time to help you out, just post me what you need. i am pretty new to this so i dont know how else to make contact. regards
Ibenor 8 years ago
Hey mate. Do you use Skype? I think I go this part knocked out but could use help adding some stylers to a Google map. I edited the above comment w/ code.
cunningfox 8 years ago
yeah i got skype. sorry for answering so late. add Ibenor23 on skype. i will be glad to help you anyway you want have customized a lot of wordpress pages
Ibenor 8 years ago
awarded to MSF

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