Documentation on how to modify/configure Prey opensource code to run with local Prey server
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We want to use the Prey opensource available at to configure an internal customized Prey solution running with our own Prey server and need assistance in setting this up.

The following deliverables is expected:

  1. Detailed documentation (step-by-step) on how to install and configure the local Prey server including all required components

  2. Detailed documentation (step-by-step) on how to modify/configure/compile fully installable (ready for distribution) versions of the Prey agents communicating with the local Prey server.
    The Prey agent to document/support are (Windows 32/64, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Linux, Ubuntu)

  3. Detailed documentation (step-by-step) on how to install the necessary sw components (sw development environment = compilers, packaging tools etc) required to modify/compile (step 2) for all the agents listed in step 2.

  4. Make sure that the steps-by-step documentation works :-)

awarded to MSF

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