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I'm looking for a simple app implemented in Flutter, AWS Honeycode, or possibly another technology to track the daily health of employees. The employee will have an account ID and sign in the first time, then each day answer six questions. The questions will be posted to a MongoDB remote database (we use Realm for this part), App needs to run on Android and IOS devices.

This is essentially an exercise to evaluate and compare these technologies, so we'll be looking for multiple solutions. The goal is to find the right technology for very rapid turnaround of dozens of very simple mobile applications.

The demo app should have a login with a previously assigned ID. No registration in the app. This ID should be stored on the mobile device so additional logins are not required. The launch screen should contain one numeric field and label, four yes/no questions, and one text fields. A send button to send the form to our database. The record will be sent to our API as a JSON message.

Hi, I'm discovering AWS HoneyCode and made a few tests, but it seems that there is a lot of limitation. The two major issue I see is :
  • yes/no questions, data can't be stored as boolean, it's only spreadsheet data
  • record of questions send are only store in an AWS datasheet and can't be exported to an external API
The major goal of honeycode is to stay based on an AWS environment. I made a small test with an app that sends data to a spreadsheet AWS, do you still want to see it ? or as it doesn't match your needs (mongodb) it's not interesting for you ?
kerncy over 1 year ago
I thank you for the comment. That's exactly the sort of thing I've been trying to determine and I don't have enough time myself and my developers don't have time. Would you recommend Flutter or something else? The goal is to be able to produce really simple applications in very little time. Realistically, we probably need dozens of tiny tailored apps. I think I need to update my requirements. Too bad about Honeycode although I can still see a lot of places where it might be useful, being able to access a simple REST api should be a given these days.
billsouthworth over 1 year ago
Yes, I would be curious to say your test app. Thanks.
billsouthworth over 1 year ago
Hi, I haven't received your email yet in order to add you to the honeycode project. Can you please send it to me via PM ?
kerncy over 1 year ago
awarded to kerncy

Crowdsource coding tasks.

2 Solutions

As discussed in comment, please send me your email as a private message so I can give you access to the AWS Honeycode workspace where you will be available to test the app in web mode.

For the mobile part, you will have to download the aws honeycode app from your store (I don't have access to it for the moment as it is not available for France). You might have to register to AWS Honeycode too.

For Flutter or something else, I have never developed a mobile application so I am not able to tell if it would work. Flutter from what I see is limited to android devices.

Just having a question about your app, as it is very simple. May be it would be easier to develop a webpage that will make AJAX requests to your API and that can be displayed in a web browser with an APP-UI-look-alike ? Could this be a solution ?

According to the docs, Flutter will work with both Android and IOS. I'd like to verify that. I think we need it to be a real semi-native app rather than a webapp. For other apps we've used React Native but I'm looking for something that's quicker and cheaper for very simple apps.
billsouthworth over 1 year ago
Winning solution


as a new solution, I created a flutter projet. You will be able to see the main.dart file here :

The file pubspec.yaml is

For installation just follow and the part to create your first app. Then replace the generated files by the two I provided. It will launch a very simple app (missing the login part and cosmetics on success/error when calling websercices), that will show your form, and then post data as a JSON to your url once you hit submit.

You can download the full project here with all sources and dependancies :

Do not hesitate if you have any question

I don't have time today to even look but I'm awarding the bounty now. If you could just send me a screenshot to, I'd appreciate it. Thanks for the research and the app. What was your general feeling about Flutter? Everything we've generally been doing is in React or React Native.
billsouthworth over 1 year ago
Concerning Flutter, I had more difficulties to deal with Android Studio and all is autocompletion tools than using Flutter. To design an app, it's pretty fast and lots of code are available in google. It took me about 5 hour to install the environment, understand the flutter concept and create the app by taking pieces of code on the web. You can have pretty fast result with a minimum of time. But if you want to get a "great" app, some concepts have to be studied deeplier (Future, Containers, Callbacks, ...). For the screenshot, here it is on my moto G4 :
kerncy over 1 year ago
Thanks. This is very helpful. So I guess it looks like a good tool for a "quick and dirty" app, but whenever we have the time and budget, React Native is probably still our best choice. If you are ever looking for some extra development work, keep us in mind. I'm also looking for talent to add to our all-remote team.
billsouthworth over 1 year ago
Your resumee : 'flutter is for "quick and dirty" app' is not what I meant. From my point of view who have developed my first app for this bounty (never done any other android dev), it was quick and dirty. Someone who can spend more time in this solution might have the possibilities to create a great app too. All depends on the time you want to spend on it.
kerncy over 1 year ago
Are you interested in doing some work on this as a contract? I'm very short handed for developers in-house and I'd like to continue bringing this to fruition.
billsouthworth over 1 year ago
Hi, sorry, but I'm not allowed by my actual job to have a second contract. As Bounty are just extras, it is tolerated. Moreover, I don't have regular free time so it will be hard. But thank you for the proposition !
kerncy over 1 year ago
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