Data not showing on vue2vis timeline (vis.js)
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I'm using timeline from vue2vis ( in my projects. It is working fine but I transposed the code to this NuxtJS/Black theme and the items won't appear. CSS issue from theme?

How it should look: (from my vanilla Vue2 project):

How it is looking in the themed Nuxt:

Source code:

Test page to fix: /test/timeline

Hi @mjollnir14. I've tried to run your project to identify the issue but the project won't build. It cannot resolve "assets/css/demo.css". assets folder is missing. Could you please verify this issue? Thank you.
VladimirMikulic 4 months ago
This resolves the problem with assets but now it's looking for VideoPlayer.vue module and it's unable to build the project. Here is the screenshot
VladimirMikulic 4 months ago
Rename components/MaCamera/ folder into components/macamera/ should solve it. Also I found that this project doesn't compile good with npm. I use yarn as in the README
mjollnir14 4 months ago
Now it works. By the way, I was using yarn, it is just the default message :)
VladimirMikulic 4 months ago

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Hi @mjollnir14. I was able to resolve the issue.


Each item in your items array has a group key which holds a group id as a value.
You've specified the value to the group key but you haven't defined any groups! That's why data wasn't showing up.

I've defined example groups (which you can change of course) and data displays correctly.


Working Timeline.vue used for screenshot (pages/test/Timeline.vue):

Thank you, Vladimir

Thank you, good job! Might need more services from you later on
mjollnir14 4 months ago
Mail me temp42 at mindcraft dot be
mjollnir14 4 months ago