CSS problem on my site
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I have a page on my site and the facebook feed CSS isn't working.

On the first page it works fine.
http://villeetvous.fr/ (Scroll down to Actualités)

On this page it seems not to load correctly. (Scroll down to Gold area)



Hi, your page(Actualités part) isn't getting loaded properly.So I am not being able to view the problem.
Codeword over 3 years ago
Try recreating the section on the second (problematic) page, exactly the way you have set it up on the first. It seems that your are using different elements to embed the FB feed section, and the special FB CSS do not apply to the elements inside. The CSS of the section containing the FB Feed overrides the FB styling.
kostasx over 3 years ago
I am talking about the CSS styling found in: http://villeetvous.fr/wp-content/plugins/dpSocialTimeline/css/dpSocialTimeline.css which take care of styling the Facebook feed section.
kostasx over 3 years ago
You are probably using different elements from the Elegant Theme's builder on these two pages, on the specific section.
kostasx over 3 years ago
i opened your website in chrome and firefox, it's seems ok and working, it might be the cache in your browser, that show you that problem. try to disable the cache, to see if the problem occurs.
Chlegou over 3 years ago
Have you tried opening the website on another computer?
lumbb over 3 years ago
Seems to be working fine. Except check the plugin you are using to disable the toggle on top top right.
Amyth91 over 3 years ago
Hi, I would like to know your directory structure to understand.. Your page seems to not load images from images/light/ directory https://ibb.co/dgTTQJ
SilverHood Apps over 3 years ago

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