Css Layout does not return to previous state...
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This link has the basic elements acting abnormally..

When the browser width is adjusted to something below 1200 pixels, the image on the right drops incorrectly aligned with social icons.. That is an issue, yes.. However...
when the browser adjusts back above 1199 pixels, the layout is not what it was previously until the page is manually refreshed...

Help please!

awarded to fabian muema

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2 Solutions

What about aligning text to right?

.table-right {
    text-align: right;

Is that acting like you expect?

Yours was actually first, and so I've tipped you accordingly.. My apologies..
TGIFriday 1 year ago
Winning solution

Try this in your css:

img {
position: relative;
vertical-align: middle;
float: right;

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