CSS Consolidation + Suggestions (Bounty + $10)
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Hi, I am interested in consolidating my CSS. I am open to suggestions, and even alternative themes to incorporate the following with. Acceptable solutions will have the following CSS rewritten (should remain vanilla CSS) and comments on why changes were made, further suggestions, etc. without forfeiting any of the resulting styles. Why? I think critiquing such as this will help me improve.

If it is helpful, I am using the following with WordPress:

My CSS: https://pastebin.com/D3EsUeWX
Storefront Framework (demo of theme): https://themes.woocommerce.com/storefront/
The Events Calendar (demo of plugin): https://wpshindig.com/

Thank you, and am willing to tip for extras if something should need to be added later.

I suggest you to use a less or sass: https://sass-lang.com/, http://lesscss.org/
Stefano Balzarotti almost 3 years ago

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1 Solution

Because you are on wordpress, you could take advantage of a few plugins that piece together style sheets on the fly and cache them. One such plugin is "autoptimize," and I have found it to work great after just a little bit of configuration!