create wordpress page for image meta-data parsing
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I need to create a wordpress page (or a php, javascript page that could be embedded in wordpress) that accepts images (gif, png, jpg, jpeg, tiff) from users. It would need to analyze the exif metadata, extract geolocation coordinates if present, and extracts date and time if present. If coordinates are absent, it will request the user to specify a google address and eventually refine the location by dragging the marker on the map. If date and time are absent, it will ask the user to indicate this information or an approximate period. The user should also indicate or guess the species depicted in the figure if they know it.

I'll be honest, this doesn't seem like a $1 bounty that any developer would be interested in solving. It looks more complex and I'd suggest upping your bounty. You're also new so we're not sure if you'd tip, at least it wasn't mentioned in your original question.
apr 8 years ago
yes I am new so I am exploring. What do you suggest a fair bounty is?
bestinoblu 8 years ago
I would suggest $100 for this. I don't know wordpress, but the scope of this bounty seems pretty large. Moreover, you don't have your wordpress app in github for us to understand a good starting point. Either way, a large bounty gets you trusted by the community, and we're more like to give you hints and general direction/guidance. You can click the increase bounty somewhere on this page.
apr 8 years ago
awarded to MSF

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