Table of Contents for README using Github flavored Markdown
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I'm trying to create a Table of Contents that links to the appropriate sections when clicked. This is for the README and it uses Github flavored Markdown.

What's the best way to create that? A PR just demonstrating how the markdown would look would be great!

Here's how it currently looks

awarded to skram

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1 Solution

Winning solution
Very nice, do all the links need to end with an hyphen for this to work?
alixaxel over 6 years ago
I'm actually curious about the hyphen thing as well. I merged your pull request into my branch but noticed something interesting. When I click on Roles & Responsibilities, it goes to the proper section, but if I click on Access Management Policy, it doesn't go anywhere
akshatpradhan over 6 years ago
The ending hyphen seems to be a mistake - I'll fix in a sec with a new PR
skram over 6 years ago
Awesome! Thank you! Quick question, do you think my PCI security policy is Hacker News worthy?
akshatpradhan over 6 years ago
Also, I need a LICENSE for it, what's a good license for it? Creative Commons? That looks like it gives people ability to make Commercial Use of this.
akshatpradhan over 6 years ago
Thanks for awarding me the winning solution. It does look HN worthy but I do not know which license you should go with. Best, Mark / @Skram
skram over 6 years ago
@akshatpradhan: Yes it does. Then would probably be a better choice for you, makes it dead easy to choose an appropriate license.
alixaxel over 6 years ago
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