Create Symlinks from file list - PART 2
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DISCLAIMER: I had a similar question and was thankfully answered here ( solution.

I have a list of multiple files where they are located.
Each file has a different uuid_1 and uuid_2 number.

The list with the original file location structure is: /UUID_NUMBER1/UUID_NUMBER2/NAME_OF_THE_FILE

The list with the original files looks like this:


The symlink needs to be created (after deleting the broken symbolic link) in the structure /YEAR/MONTH/DATE/NAME_OF_THE_FILE order that can be seen forming part of the filename: ABC_DE__FGGHJ20020526_152812_000050022006_00183_01239_0001.N1

portion with the date: FGGHJ20020526

date as in folder structure: /2002/05/26/



A way to extract the structure was explained here: using sed (can also be done with awk)

Ideally, I need to read from the list of files, extract the folder structure where the link needs to be created, delete the broken link and create the link in that folder.

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Winning solution

I manage to solve it by finding all the files in each uuid folder and copy them to 1 specific folder in which each can be linked separately. So not the direct link to the original location I was looking for but it works