Create dynamic QR code in PDF form
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I have a PDF form which you can find here.

We want to have in the top right a QR code that updates based on the content put in the highlighted fields. I was able to find a PDF that has a much simpler version of this you might be able to use for this bounty.

Ideally the QR updates as the user is typing but it would be fine if they had to unfocused the field to trigger it to update. I don't know what sort of QR options we have here so if we have option for some low level error correction i think it would be great.

If you are generating this pdf using the webpage, there have a simple way to do this.
akulubala over 2 years ago
awarded to Wuddrum

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Hey Qdev, here's my solution:

PDF with QR:

PDF with QR on keystrokes:

The QR outputs field values as a parameter string (this can be changed to whatever format you like), e.g.: Date=&Amount=&CstAcc=&CstId=&RcvrAba=&RcvrName=&BnfAcc=&BbkAcc=&IbkAcc=, with the following meanings:

Date: Date field.

Amount: Amount $ field.

CstAcc: Customer Account # field.

CstId: Customer Id field.

RcvrAba: Customer Rcvr Bank ABA field.

RcvrName: Customer Rcvr Bank Name field.

BnfAcc: BNF Account # field.

BbkAcc: BBK Account # field.

IbkAcc: IBK Account # field.

Values are url encoded (only %, = and & characters are encoded) and the QR is using low level error correction.

Edit: Improved script to better handle numeric values.

Edit2: Added a version where QR is updated on each keystroke.

hey @Wuddrum - great solution here
Qdev over 2 years ago