Create an 86x60 animated Flash play button with a masked layer
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This button is an 18x60 animated GIF.

I want to recreate this button in flash. (Notice how the GIF image has masking -- meaning that you can SEE the web page's background image under it as it moves.)

Any flash designers out there?

Just create a PNG (or a vector shape) and then resize it in a loop.
alex almost 9 years ago
i have added some resources here I dont own any flash editing tools.
tonloc almost 9 years ago
hi thanks. can you email me the file? etonybiz AT gmail
tonloc almost 9 years ago
awarded to s7s18265

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Here is the screen capture of solution, let me know how to send you the soution

I don't think you were notified of @tonloc comment (check the bounty comments).
alixaxel almost 9 years ago
Mailed the files to @tonloc
s7s18265 almost 9 years ago