Create an 86x60 animated flash Play Button
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Please see an example here:

I need several more animated PLAY BUTTONS like this one.

For this job, I really need a red version. Would like to see how creative you can get, and then hopefully make a contract with someone to produce 5 unique buttons or so.

So for this job i'll pretty much accept any sort of 86x60 flash play button.

Note1: Notice how the button is masked! (e.g. you can see the background. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!)

Note2: There are some PNG files here that you can use for the button

Note3: Must be 86x60

Note4: DELIVERABLES: Send me a flash file called button.swf. I will load this file to here to test.

oh wait now i see it
tonloc almost 9 years ago
awarded to kc00l

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Flash is old, here comes CSS:

UPDATE : corrected jsfiddle link (oops)

UPDATE2 : animations with all supported vendor prefixes added

Hi. Does this button animate? I'd like to create several buttons with some sort of animation like
tonloc almost 9 years ago
yeah, @kc00l is right... flash is [thankfully] quite dead. and yeah, you can make them animate with simple CSS keyframe animations & :hover effects.
slang almost 9 years ago
If anyone can do this throbbing button in a non-flash way i'd be open to that solution too
tonloc almost 9 years ago
yeah, there are some throbbing animations in animate.css... using the pulse one on a loop would work nicely
slang almost 9 years ago
Ok i'd also accept one of those too
tonloc almost 9 years ago
@tonloc the buttons are animated on the jsfiddle I linked in the solution. I can help you integrating the buttons in your current site if you need.
kc00l almost 9 years ago
err... the button in the fiddle doesn't seem to be animated. perhaps the link is wrong?
slang almost 9 years ago
doesnt animate for me either
tonloc almost 9 years ago
thanks @tonloc, made a mess with jsfiddle updates :)
kc00l almost 9 years ago