Create a stylish animation for a button with CSS or other...
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Please see the job description here:

The goal is to try to beckon the user to click the buy button by adding some visual components. I particularly like the SWING effect here:

I dont know much about animation. So i'm open to platform suggestions e.g. css, flash, jquery...

(I suppose preferably the final rendering will just consist of one solution set. e.g. dont combine flash and css. But that's up to you.)

There will probably be many revisions so I'm open to tipping too.


Please take the source job files from this page and send me a link to a fully working version.

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2 Solutions

Check if this is what you need:

You have to add that css to your page and add animated class to your buy buttons (or change .animated to your button class).

Btw, in your case you would have to add the .animated class to the div containing your a tag
alv-c over 8 years ago
getting there. im a pretty bad programmer so please just create the job on your own server with the job source files and send me a finished draft.
tonloc over 8 years ago
Don't have a server to upload, try pasting this:
alv-c over 8 years ago
ya thats good so now just the fireworks and stuff
tonloc over 8 years ago
Winning solution

Solution emailed.

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