Create a 'Save' (to text file) and 'Restore' button on a small Java GUI app
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I'd like to add a 'Save' button that dumps the current selections to a text file, along with a restore button that populates the GUI buttons/radials, if restoring from prior selections in a saved file.

Here are the three classes I've written thus far, you'll probably want to import this into Eclipse or another Java IDE.

I'm a bit new to Java, and I'm having a hard time coming up with how I would architect reading back from the file and populating subsequent GUI elements ('if' conditionals that read the selection based on the flavor/extra variable selections present in the .txt file?) and whether design would need its own separate class or should be incorporated within.

Please read the instructions in the PDF above so that the 'Restore' and 'Save' buttons comply with what is being asked for.

Also, I seem to be a single penny off in my current implementation for my order? If you can figure out why it's doing that, that would be helpful as well :)

*Edit - solved, thanks.

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Reviewing this now :)
maurelius over 7 years ago
Let me know if you need comments
Nergal over 7 years ago
Works great! Comments would be helpful, I'd like to understand this a bit further :) Also, I live in the US - if there's any time after 5pm EST that you're available, I can chat with you on how you got this to work on Google Hangouts/IRC. Thanks!
maurelius over 7 years ago
I just updated the file. (Same link different file)
Nergal over 7 years ago
Small request - can you remove the links and delete the link to your Google Drive file? I have a copy stored on my computer.
maurelius over 7 years ago
Thank you :)
maurelius over 7 years ago
Your welcome. If you need any other help just let me know.
Nergal over 7 years ago