Countdown timer fix for Launch Effect WP theme
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The Launch Effect Premium WP theme's countdown timer is severely limited since it only allows countdowns to the day (not hour, min, sec, even though they allow these to show on countdown page). It forces mid-night of the end date as the time. It also seems dependent on the system clock: when counted down to zero in New York, the site still shows three hours left in L.A.

Need to make this timer work with a UTC time and countdown to an exact second in time worldwide to announce the launch of a product at the same time everywhere. All other functionality should stay the same, such as the before and after text as entered for the countdown timer in Launch Effect options.

awarded to Noisebridge

Crowdsource coding tasks.

1 Solution

Have you tried changing the location of the site to LA? it will be your date_default_timezone that you will need to change from new york to LA (i believe anyways)

That's not the point. The point is that the countdown timer's end time needs to be based on one single time based on UTC so that it counts down and ends at the same exact time everywhere in the world regardless of time zone. The L.A. example was just that, an example.
al3xgl over 4 years ago